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Bowen for Cerebral Palsy

Howard Plummer and Helen Watson run a clinic in Cardiff dedicated to treating children with cerebral palsy, Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD and other developmental difficulties. Their work is proving to be remarkable on it’s effects with these children. Having treated hundreds of children at their clinic there is well-documented evidence of Bowen’s positive effects for these conditions. Howard and Helen have taught this technique to many Bowen practitioners who have gone on to run their own clinics for these children with special needs.

Although most of their research is with children, the technique is also beneficial to adults.

Benefits noted by parents at the Cardiff clinic

* Clumsiness – improved balance/co-ordination
* Spine straightening, often dramatic
* Improved motor control e.g. holding up head more; starting to roll over; grasping things
* Constipation/nutritional body development
* Vocalization/verbalization
* Limb aches and pains reduced
* Concentration/attention improves at home and school. Greater comprehension
* Behavioural improvements – Timidity and aversion to school/shops etc. lessened. Can make friends easier
* Less frustrated, calmer, quieter – happier child
* Sleep patterns improved
* Chewing/sucking stronger
* Plus the usual benefits of Bowen
* Aversity to lying on back or front quickly reversed

How is the Fascial Bowen Technique achieving these results?

The theory is that the sensory stimulation may be helping and accelerating the  ‘re-wiring’  in the brain to compensate for damaged areas. By working with the dermatomes of the body and using a feather light touch Howard’s fascial Bowen moves seem to be helping the sensory awareness of these children.

I recently undertook training with Howard and Helen and am amazed at the effectiveness of this inspiring work, not only for cerebral palsy.  I am using it with great success for people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and ME also. Please go to to view a more detailed post on this important work.

You can reach me, Jackie O’Neal BTAA at Tel: 0750 302 7773

Tarot for Healing

Using Tarot as a Vehicle for Healing and Change

It is time to introduce an interesting concept to the world of Healing and one that may not ordinarily be thought of as a vehicle for this topic.

I could write my own account of why I think the three Tarot readers I am going to introduce to you should be included on this site, as a site dedicated to the investigation of the wellbeing of the human organism, but I could not introduce or explain it any better than the article written by Paul Hughes-Barlow below.  Paul has been a tarot reader for more than 25 years. His scope of knowledge will astound the interested reader as he bares the past 25 years of his own process under the guidence of his teacher Pundit Marharaj. Pundit has gone into Silence now but Paul continues his lineage and now mentors himself.

The reputation of Tarot, for many, is one of a mysterious person sitting in a darked room, gazing into a crystal ball and holding the querant on the edge of his or her stool as the cards are slowly turned over revealing the querants fate.

This could not be further from the truth of a good Tarot reader in this new age of self empowerment. Paul’s goal is to bring the Tarot out of the dark Victorian Age into the light of the 21st Century. Continue reading