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Introduction to Tarot and Palmistry by Paul Hughes-Barlow

Paul Explains How He Was Tricked Into Becoming a Palmist and Tarot Reader

A brief explaination by leading Tarot Reader Paul Hughes-Barlow at the Gossip Girls Network Meeting in Camden, North London, into how he was tricked by his teacher Punditt Maharaj into his profession.

Paul uses Tarot for Healing not Fortune Telling. He is way ahead in his field of study using insights into his clients state of consciousness to assit them in advancing along their own spiritual path in the time and way that is right for them. His aim is to empower his clients to make wiser decisons for themselves. To trust their own inner guidence which is innate to us all. For so many of us it is this intelligence that continually beckons to us yet we are so often afraid to listen.

Based in Brighton for over 25 years you can find him under Brighton Pier, 260 Kings Arches, Saturday through Tuesday and for 3 weeks out of the month on Wednesday at Noon through Friday evening at the Butterfly Tarot, Camden Lock Hall Market, Camden, North London.

Your time with Paul will be a transformational experience.

You can contact Paul at 0791 863 7940

Grow Your Own Fresh Air Using Household Plants

Common Household Plants to Grow Your Own Fresh Air

Listen to Kamal Meattle’s talk on using plants to clean the air in buildings

Kamal Meattle

Kamal Meattle has a vision to reshape commercial building in India using principles of green architecture and sustainable upkeep (including an air-cleaning system that involves massive banks of plants instead of massive banks of HVAC equipment).

Meattle has long been a environmental activist in India. In the 1980s he helped India’s apple industry develop less-wasteful packaging to help save acres of trees. He then began a campaign to help India’s millions of scooter drivers use less oil…

Read his profile here.

Paharpur Business Centre & Software Technology Incubator Park New Delhi

Common Household Plants Used To Clean the Air