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A Journey to a Higher State of Consciousness Through a Tarot Reading

Using Tarot For Healing

Beyond The Celtic Cross Spread

Paul Hughes-Barlow
and Catherine Chapman

ISBN 9781904658344

Price £12.99
Finally the long awaited book about one woman’s real life tarot reading which culminated in a journey through a shift in consciousness.

Tarot Used For Healing – Not Fortune Telling

Paul Hughes-Barlow has been trying to change the face of Tarot for many years. His method and passion is to empower his clients to see new possibilities for moving ahead in life. People often visit a Tarot reader in the hopes of being told their future and believing that that  future is written in stone. There are many different Tarot decks to choose from and Paul’s personal choice is the Thoth Tarot Deck by Aleister Crowley and illustrated by Freida Harris. The symbology is rich and even though two clients could sit down with the same tarot spread in front of them the reading would not be the same. How could this be, you might ask? We are all at various stages of consciousness and these variations are what dictate the way a spread would be read. It is the skill of the reader to be able to judge just where his querant is on this life path that determines the way the reader will guide his client.

Beyond the Celtic Cross is a beautiful example of one woman’s journey through her own stages of consciousness. Catherine, already a tarot reader, approached Paul with a question concerning her own life. It is a journey of self discovery which took Catherine into a whole new Continue reading