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Bowen for Infertility

Below is an excerpt from the January/February 2010 Issue of  ‘Ethical Living’ Magazine regarding Bowen and how it may aid with Infertility.

…Having suffered for years with endometriosis, was uncertain of her ability to conceive naturally. After more than one operation to remove the endometriosis, Sharron was eventually considered for a hysterectomy, and she and her partner Harvey began to investigate adoption as their final chance to start a family…

…‘[Beryl] mentioned that one of her Bowen patients had just given birth after three failed IVF treatments,’ explains Sharron…

…‘During the third session Beryl said she was going to ‘open up’ the pelvic region.’ She adds, ‘Something must have worked because I could hardly walk for three days afterwards, but I fell pregnant during that time. I understand now that the mind and energy in the body have a physical affect on your

Jackie O’Neal BTAA is currently available in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area.
Contact:- (954) 202-3471

The Poor help the Poor for Haiti

What is the meaning of ‘Healing’?

Tonight I feel I experienced a ‘healing’ of some kind.

It was deep and it was powerful. What does it mean…I cannot tell you, other than I literally felt my heart open. It was a feeling of expansiveness in the chest area and then an upwelling through to the throat area that brought with it tears and a sound that vibrated through the throat which mixed with the tears and also a feeling of peace and full expansiveness for want of a better word. Feelings like this are visceral…there really are no words to express them.

Opening the Heart

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Body Talk in the News

Today there was a fabulous article written in the Daily Telegraph about Body Talk. A must read for those interested in lerning more about this unique ‘healing’ system.

BodyTalk: Could a new therapy be the answer to all your aches and pains?

Rumoured to be popular with Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama, BodyTalk is now finding converts in Britain.

By Tessa Boase
Published: 12:00PM GMT 22 Jan 2010

Tap stance: Britt Jorgensen practises BodyTalk on Tessa Boase

Tap stance: Britt Jorgensen practises BodyTalk on Tessa Boase Photo: JEFF GILBERT

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New Year, New Day, New Eyes

Happy 2010

I went to bed last night just before midnight. Not because I was involved with New Years festivities, but battling the computer instead, it was just another night. I did however have the thought that I might get up to see the sunrise, something I had done for a number of years whilst living in Florida.

I woke at some point during the night and was not especially keen to get up and check the time and get off to the beach. If it was almost sunrise then I would miss it. The motivation was not particularly there.

The Land of Dreams

I must have drifted off into that inbetween state, for I was immersed in a dream. I was in the dining room of the house I grew up in during my teenage years. There was a young man who I recognized as being a customer of mine at a pub I used to work in South Florida. I didn’t know him particularly well or socialize with him…but there he was.

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