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Access Consciousness – Health Expo, Florida

Access Consciousness

What are the possibilities for more choice in your life?

What if everything you believed to be true…wasn’t.

What if most of everything you were taught throughout your life was nothing more than some else’s belief system.

What if the pains you feel in your body are being held in place by the structure of your thoughts…

What would it feel like to be in communion with life instead of separate from it.

I will be assisting Julie Tuton at the Health Expo in Melbourne, Florida this Sat May 1st from 10am-5pm. Stop by and say hello and have your ‘Bars’ run.

Julie will be teaching the introductory Access the ‘Bars’ class on Sunday in Fort Lauderdale. Dependant on the weather the class may even take place on the beach…How does it get better than that.

Access Consciousness gives you the tools to transform these beliefs into something that works for you, instead of against you.

What if we are here to enjoy life not suffer through it.

A Peek at the Bowen Technique Moves

Watch the Magic of the Bowen Technique

The following video shows the gentleness of the basic Bowen Technique moves on the body.

Having a profound effect on the central nervous system and allowing the body to move into deep states of healing relaxation.

Jackie O’Neal BTAA
Tel # (954) 202-3471

I am currently available in the Fort Lauderdale area, Florida
I also run a Multi Bed Bowen Clinic at Point Pleasant Wellness Center in Wilton Manors, Florida.
I also visit the United Kingdom on a regular basis and run a Low Cost Multi Bed Bowen Clinic in Brighton.

How ‘Stuffed’ Are You?

Are you bloated under the weight of your own consumption?

View Annie Leonard’s ‘The Story of Stuff’

This is a story about the World’s obsession with stuff and how we are all affected by it.