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Inviting Change in the Gulf of Mexico

What Else is Possible in the Gulf of Mexico?

On Monday July 19th 2010 Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness asked for Access Facilitators and anyone else to contribute their energy to change of the ecological destruction that has been done in the Gulf of Mexico at 10am Eastern Standard Time.

Gary said that we can not guarantee what will change, but he knows that change is possible there right now.

I was in a class in Fort Lauderdale Florida with Gary and 20 or so other people. Dain Heer called in from Europe at 10am and joined with everyone else around the World for this event.

To be here at this time and to feel the presence of so many others was electrifying. We have no idea of what will change…only that change  is possible.

What Energy, Space and Consciousness Can You Be?

The question asked was this:-

“What energy space and consciousness can my body and I be, that will allow us to contribute dynamically to Earth healing the Gulf of Mexico?”

How Aware Are You of Your Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions?

What are you thinking today?

What energies are you sending out?

What if our thoughts, feelings and emotions are more toxic than all the garbage we generate?

What if by being kinder to ourselves and our bodies, by being more aware of our thoughts, feelings and emotions we could create changes on this planet far greater than we have  ever imagined?

What would that look like?


…”We have discovered that when you are willing to simply contribute the energy you be, then it is difficult to have an… expectation or point-of-view about what may happen. Without expectation, magic can happen. We would like you to contribute what you can, that will allow Earth to begin to change the Gulf of Mexico.

This job is too big for BP and too big for the government. It is Earth that can begin the change required and, “What can we all be and contribute to Earth that will add-to that?”

Jackie O’Neal is currently available in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area and can be contacted at :- (954) 202-3471