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The Place by Gary Douglas – No. 1 Bestseller

What You Have Been Seeking, That You Always Knew Was Possible…

What if the way you always imagined, dreamed,    knew that life could be was more real than you could ever have imagined, dreamed, knew life could be.

I dreamed this book for many, many years. Gary Douglas wrote it… Gratitude to you Gary for your vulnerability to be who you be. Jackie

“The years since had been filled with all that is considered right in life… those insane attempts to be like others that suffocate the being and mold us into the humiliated wrongness of never truly fitting but always trying so very hard to be normal…”
Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness.

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The Place by Gary Dougles

What’s the Secret that the Law of Attraction is Missing?

What do you WANT? What do you WANT?

…So what’s missing from the Law of Attraction? “Just think that you want something and it will appear” seems to be the essence of its message. But is that enough? Is it more than mere positive thinking 101 with a new age gloss on it? Does it really work? The legions of dissatisfied seekers on the Internet could suggest it isn’t.

Access Consciousness, a 20-year-old self-improvement modality the target of which is consciousness, has some different points of view and tools that can be used to make the Law of Attraction work even better-and explain why it doesn’t work when it’s not working.

In short, Access Consciousness has taken a more rigorous and pragmatic look at how things actually get generated in the world. Access founder Gary Douglas, who has developed additional tools to make creation of our desires more effective, has discovered some of what the Law of Attraction has missed…

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