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Let me introduce myself… My name is Jackie O’Neal and I am a registered Bowen practitioner having begun my training in Arizona USA and then completing my training with Bowtech in London, UK. There are other Bowen training schools and I have studied and collaborated with members of these other schools also. We are unified in bringing the world of Bowen to everyone.

The human body and mind is indeed a fascination. Due to my own health problems and restlessness a number of years ago I was led into an unfamiliar or perhaps forgotten World of new/rediscovery . A World that perhaps the ancients of long ago knew about but we have forgotten. Science is discovering and rediscovering what, in these modern day times, has been forgotten, and this is the unity of all life. The communication of and between all life. This includes the unity and communication within our own bodies and its functions.

This took me down many roads with their various twists and turns. I became a licensed Massage Therapist in 2000, but  could not fully settle into it, something was missing.

My fascination and inquiring mind finally led me to the Bowen Technique, an amazing healing tool that seems to work on so many levels of the human organism, not only the physical. For many years it was not really known just how Bowen ‘worked’. Today in 2009 we have seen the first international conference on Fascial work. The mysterious superfiscial fascia that lies just beneath the surface of our skin. A vast communication network which works faster than the nervous system. This is where Bowen seems to excel.

Whilst studying Bowen technique I was introduced to Metamorphic Technique. Even more obscure to the inquiring mind than Bowen but a unique and powerful tool in the process of transformation. Come with an open mind, there will be no disappointment.

And finally due to circumstances beyond my control, that serendipitous circumstance for which there is no explanation, I was introduced to Access Consciousness .  How to create the possibilities for more choice in your life that works for you. What if life is meant to be fun? What if it is an endless banquet of infinite possibilities and most people are starving to death!

These are all techniques that require the practitioner to step out of the way of the practice. The learning curve does not come without effort and the process is one that is not learned without consequence to ones own psyche. Through this learning process comes a reverence for the body/mind of all human beings. A reverence that seems to say ‘tread lightly’,  this is indeed sacred ground. We are all a part of this rich jigsaw puzzle and we all move at our own pace. Nurture me, be gentle with me but please…do not take away from me that which is mine to discover…

We hold within us the ability to self-heal given the right information. All three of these techniques seems to be a valuable key to unlocking the innate intelligence which lies within us all and lead us into this state of self healing.

We are at the dawning of a New Age of Healing. This is the move towards what is known as Consciousness Healing.

Jackie holds a

  • Current First Aid Certificate
  • Indemnity Insurance
  • Training in Anatomy and Physiology
  • Current license in Massage Therapy
  • Access Consciousness Facilitator
  • Registered Bowtech Bowen member
  • Practitioner member of the Metamorphic Association
  • Member of the Body Talk Association (student)

Contact:- jackieso119@gmail.com
USA – (954) 202-3471
UK – 0750 3027773

I am currently available in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area. I travel frequently to the UK and Barbados.
If you require Access Consciousness Classes anywhere, please contact me and let’s discuss your requirements.

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