About Access Consciousness

What are the possibilities for more choice in your life?

What if everything you believed to be true…wasn’t.

What if most of everything you were taught throughout your life was nothing more than some elses belief system.

What if the pains you feel in your body are being held in place by the structure of your thoughts…

What would it feel like to be in communion with life instead of separate from it.

Access Consciousness gives you the tools to transform these beliefs into something that works for you, instead of against you.

What if we are here to enjoy life not suffer through it.

By holding 32 points on the head called “Bars” the beliefs you have on money, control, relationships, creativity, sex, joy, sadness, aging etc. can be accessed and transformed.

How does it get better than that? Click here for Jackie’s upcoming classes and Testimonials

Access Consciousness - Building Blocks for Awareness

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Jackie O’Neal is a Certified Access and ‘Bars’ Facilitator and is currently available in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area.

She also facilitates classes in the UK and Caribbean

Contact:-USA (954) 202-3471     UK Mobile:- 0750 302 7773


Talk To The Animals

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  1. merna

    I am interested in the talk to the animal dvd but can’t find it here, could you please let me know how much iot is and how I can order it.
    thank you

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