Access Body Class

You and Your Body – Access Body Class Facilitated by Steve Comer

“The Access Body Class is designed to facilitate a dialogue and communion with your body that allows you to dance with your body and enjoy it” – Steve Comer

We are Infinite Beings

Do you identify yourself as your body? If you identify with your body and believe that your body is all you are, you will limit how expansive you can be to the degree you perceive your body and will not allow yourself to know more. The truth is, you are an infinite being and you have a body.

Close your eyes and find the outside edges of YOU. That’s you the infinite being not the outside edges of your body. Can you find the outside edges of you – or is everywhere you look there you are? Now open your eyes and keep that awareness…Is your body inside of you or are you inside your body? Your body is inside of you! Once you become aware of this then you can start to communicate with your body in a different way.

Your body is a  source of awareness. It is this huge contribution of awareness that is always willing to gift to you. As you come into this world, your first instinct is survival and your body is this huge gift that lets you know what is going on in your environment.

You are not your body but you are not separate from it. You are all of it. We are infinte beings that have bodies and we are our bodies at the same time. There are scientific research projects that show you can take cells from twins on different sides of the planet and send stimulus to one cell and have the cell on the other side of the planet respond.

That’s how come you can work on someone’s body from across the room by just perceiving the energy and the space and know their body is responding to you, because you are all of it.

We embody this reality and then your body tries to give you awareness of how to survive and thrive here. Your body is your cat’s whiskers. It gives you a sense of the space around you in which you can occupy or move. It can facilitate you to greater awareness.

What contribution from your body are you refusing that you could be choosing that if you would choose it would change all realities and non realities and manifest as the infinite ease, space and communion of embodiment? …

What contribution from you the being to your body can you be?…

Gary Douglas –
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