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Demolecular Manifestation and Molecular Demanifestation

“The real magic in life is the ability to change or transform anything. The real magic and the real power are the ways you can change or transform something. When you ask a question, you create a vibrational de-molecular manifestation of reality. The question is for generation. It creates the possibilities of things,  not the limitations.

De-molecular manifestation is the process in which you communicate with the molecules to create something where it did not exist before.

Molecular de-manifestation is where you make something go away that does exist, again by talking with the molecules.

…This is the beginning of becoming the alchemist you really are. You literally can start to take things and substances will change.
…When these magic things happen , it’s you telling yourself that things could be done differently. Instead, you go into these reasons and justifications for why it happened, which stops everything. The more you are willing to acknowledge you are doing it, the more it will show up in your life.

…When we recognize that we create the good, bad and ugly in life, insead of being at the effect of things, then you will realize, if you can create it one way, you can create it another.
…When you are willing to have the magic that you really are, you look for an answer and people fall into your universe to give you the answer. Synchronicity is what you call it. Creation is what it is. These things don’t happen by themselves. They are not synchronicity; they are magic. You create it and you deny it all the time…You must ask, “if I were to create my life, what would I choose?”

Right now we have this Ocean 300 project. We are looking to go out in a boat and do molecular de-manifestation and de-molecular manifestation on the continent of plastic that exists off Midway Island. Why are we doing this? If we can change some of this plastic structure (its primary components of it are CO2 and H2O), the possibility is to dissipate this pollutant that’s growing out in the middle of the ocean. It’s also changing the ecological structure so that fish are becoming females. How much new fish are we going to have under those circumstances? Not much – unless the females learn to bifurcate or do something different.
Or it may be part of the evoluntionary cycle. It may be a way of getting rid of all the men on the planet, which might be a good thing. Who knows? But it’s changing things. We are interrupting the normal evoluntionary cycle with the waste products we are creating. What if we can learn to de-molecularly manifest it as what its components are and molecularly de-manifest it – have it cease to exist – in its present form and to dissipate into the ocean and become not a toxin?

The other thing is that plastic bags disintegrate into little molecules, which apparently attracts toxins. The barnacles eat them. What if barnacles are actually designed to take care of toxins? For years they have been living on the bottom of boats that have been painted with lead paint, which is a toxin. Perhaps this is an indication of what they feed off of anyway. Maybe they are a way of eliminating toxins.

For example, a guy came up with an enzyme that would eat toxins from oil dumps. It would cost US$5,000 to take of a gas dump. The USDA would not approve it. Now they make it cost $850,000 to clean up the waste products from one of those things.

You can also do this molecular de-manifestaton and de-molecular manifestation with food that doesn’t taste right, water that is polluted, or wine that tastes off. This might be something to learn just for the fun of playing with it.

..What if you were a contribution to the earth, rather than a piece of debris floating on the top of it, abusing it and using it.”

Gary Douglas…

Please contact me for a class. It’s lots of fun changing wine! The classes are short in duration and free. A donation is requested to go towards the Ocean 300 Project.

Jackie O’Neal BTAA CFMW
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Jackie is currently available in the Fort Lauderdale, Fl area. She travels regularly to the UK and Barbados.

Please contact me if you would like to host a DMMD class in your area

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