See Aura Change after a 10 minute ‘Bars’ Taster Session

Before ‘Bars’

VIOLET Intuitive, Mystical, Magical
WHITE Spirituality, Support of the Angels
BLUE Peaceful, Compassionate
GREEN Healer, Teacher, Counselor
YELLOW Cheerful, Optimistic, Sunny Outlook
ORANGE Creative, Artistic, Expressive
RED Action Oriented
INTENSE RED Stressed Out

After 10 minute ‘Bars Taster Session


I assisted Julie Tuton at a Health Expo in Melbourne, Florida a couple of weeks ago. It was a fun time and the Access Consciousness booth did very well. We set up camp and were pleasantly surprized to have an aura photographer next to us. My thoughts were ‘what would it take for the operator to agree to taking someone’s aura photograph before and after Bars? Later after the show Julie confessed to me that before she arrived in Florida she asked the question ‘what would it take for our booth to be next to a booth doing aura photography?’… Hmmm

So I introduced myself to Michelle, the aura photographer, and popped the question…She was more than happy and curious herself.

So along comes Kim and she is the willing participant in the experiment.


The booths are very close to together at these events and after Kim had her first aura picture taken we asked her if she would like to have her ‘Bars’ run for 10 mins and then Michelle would take her aura photograph again to see if anything had changed.

Well the pictures speak for themselves. I have posted the ‘meanings’ of the colours according to this particular aura photographers system.

From our perspective our curiosity was purely about how the aura may have been affected by just 10 mins of ‘Bars’ being run.


Kim’s aura was already quite clear and ‘in the spiritual realm with the help of angels’. What is really interesting though is that she moved into the violet spectrum ‘in the realm of intuition, mystical, magical.’ And what is Access all about…bringing us into awareness, our intuitive state of being.

Many thanks to Michelle of Wild Blue Aura for helping us with this experiment and also to Kim for being the ‘perfect’ candidate .

Jackie O’Neal BTAA can be contacted at:- (954) 202-3471

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