Access Consciousness and Bars

Jackie O’Neal and her Bars/Access Consciousness sessions are a revelation. Jackie uses these stunning new treatment processes to strip out the mental and emotional baggage we carry around in our daily lives,  facilitating the clearing of blockages we never even knew we had.

All one has to do is lie there and receive while the process unfolds. After each session I felt a greater clarity of mind, release of negative energy, and a greater sense of alignment within my body.  I see many parallels between Access Consciousness and Oriental Arts and Traditions.

I would thoroughly recommend Bars and Access Consciousness to anyone.

Simon McKellar,
Head of Taiji, Bagua and Xingyi, Rose Li Internal Martial Arts Lineage, South East England


Lorraine took 3 Bars classes in a row in June 2011. This is a testimonial she sent to us (Jolanta, Celina and myself) a week after completing the classes.

…three years ago I ended up for the first time in the back of an ambulance, yes my first chariot ride…for blood sugar of 46.  Long story, not worth going into (POC&POD)…normally I would check my insulin level before running a couple of miles and then recheck when I finished and it was always low and made me feel ‘not so good’.  Today I asked what would it take my body to be able to run for 30 minutes and keep my insulin level 90 or higher…when I finished it was 101 – I started to giggle…It’s all about the question….How does it get any better than this?????  Next question, ‘What would it be like to be free of any thoughts, feelings, and emotions pertaining to dis-ease within my body?”   POC & POD!!!  J 

Hugs and Gratitude to each one of you,


For those who might be wondering what POC & POD means, it is part of the verbal clearing statement used in Access Consciousness. POC = point of creation and POD = point of destruction. Please click here for a full explanation of the clearing statement.


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