Bowen Technique

Simply put, Bowen is a powerful therapy named after the late Tom Bowen (1916-1982). It  involves gentle rolling moves across muscles, tendons and other soft tissue. It is  performed on the skin or sometimes through light clothing. It cannot, at this time, be  compared to any other therapy.

Its gentleness, however, disguises the deep and powerful effects it can have on the body.  It has shown to be nothing short of miraculous in the healing of musculoskeletal  conditions like back pain, frozen shoulder and other related physical conditions. But its  real benefits are on the unseen systems of the body like the immune and hormonal  systems. Bowen Technique has been shown to help the body to reset itself and go into  deep states of relaxation. Sleep patterns stabilize and it is here that the body can get in  touch with its own internal healer. People at every age can be treated from newborn  babies to the elderly.

Practitioners of Bowen Technique do not diagnose problems. What Bowen does is address the body following the natural law of treating it as a whole. The innate intelligence of the body will decide what needs to be addressed first in its journey towards healing.

Unique to the Bowen Technique are the frequent pauses that take place in between sets of ‘moves’ when the practitioner will often leave the room. This is to give the client’s body and nervous system time to relax and integrate the messages being given to it without any interference from the practitioner’s presence.

Science is showing that the memory of any accidents we may have had, poor postural habits and any physical and emotional trauma we have experienced can be stored and set in the connective tissue of the body. Bowen is affecting this connective tissue helping to release these traumas.

Jackie O’Neal BTAA –

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I am currently available for Private Bowen Technique Sessions in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
I also run a Multi Bed Bowen Clinic at Point Pleasant Wellness Center in Wilton Manors Florida.
I visit the United Kingdom on a regular basis where I run a Low Cost Multi Bed Bowen Clinic in Brighton.

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