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Welcome to Holistic Views

Not long ago we lived in a society that functioned at a much slower pace than today’s standards.  There was time to stop, rest and relax that seems to be missing today. “There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day” is the mantra so often heard.

Does this sound familiar to you? Is your body, emotional and mental well being in a state of dis-ease?

nruboc060800144Welcome to Holistic Views. We are a group of people who are dedicated to the self empowerment of our fellow human beings. We realize that it is only through self-empowerment that the necessary changes can take place on this Planet both on an individual level and a planetary level as a ‘Whole’.

Our definition of self empowerment can best be translated into the realization that true healing comes from within. From the ancient past this is a term that many may well be familiar with, but how many can truly say they understand its meaning. To intellectualize something is far from ‘knowing’ it.

We seem to live in a world where we each feel we know what is best for another person, quite often forgetting to look within ourselves. Perhaps by trying to ‘fix’ others we are actually taking the focus off ourselves because we just don’t want to ‘go there’.


Within each of us at birth, lies the blueprint for the potential of who we can be.

Our aim is to bring to you the tools and information that we may, not only intuit personally and from our own observations, but also from scientific discoveries that are beginning to blend more and more with the views of ancient mystics. This can be defined as the blending of Eastern and Western views of thinking but more importantly the integration of the conscious and subconsious mind of us all. Self empowerment is about learning to access and acknowledge the Innate Intelligence that pervades every cell of our bodies, the Intelligence that is deeper than the subconsious. The Intelligence which lies within the acorn waiting to manifest as the mighty oak.

We would like to think we are open enough to hearing your opinions to any views and information that is posted here. We welcome your comments with the realization that the still small voice amongst the masses can hold the answer to some of our greatest challenges.


“Your intelligence is always with you,
overseeing your body,
even though you may not be aware of it’s work…
Your intelligence is marvellously intimate.
It’s not in front of you or behind, or to the left or right”.

Jelaluddin Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks