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A Peek at the Bowen Technique Moves

Watch the Magic of the Bowen Technique

The following video shows the gentleness of the basic Bowen Technique moves on the body.

Having a profound effect on the central nervous system and allowing the body to move into deep states of healing relaxation.

Jackie O’Neal BTAA
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I am currently available in the Fort Lauderdale area, Florida
I also run a Multi Bed Bowen Clinic at Point Pleasant Wellness Center in Wilton Manors, Florida.
I also visit the United Kingdom on a regular basis and run a Low Cost Multi Bed Bowen Clinic in Brighton.

Bowen for Infertility

Below is an excerpt from the January/February 2010 Issue of  ‘Ethical Living’ Magazine regarding Bowen and how it may aid with Infertility.

…Having suffered for years with endometriosis, was uncertain of her ability to conceive naturally. After more than one operation to remove the endometriosis, Sharron was eventually considered for a hysterectomy, and she and her partner Harvey began to investigate adoption as their final chance to start a family…

…‘[Beryl] mentioned that one of her Bowen patients had just given birth after three failed IVF treatments,’ explains Sharron…

…‘During the third session Beryl said she was going to ‘open up’ the pelvic region.’ She adds, ‘Something must have worked because I could hardly walk for three days afterwards, but I fell pregnant during that time. I understand now that the mind and energy in the body have a physical affect on your

Jackie O’Neal BTAA is currently available in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area.
Contact:- (954) 202-3471

Bowen for Cerebral Palsy

Howard Plummer and Helen Watson run a clinic in Cardiff dedicated to treating children with cerebral palsy, Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD and other developmental difficulties. Their work is proving to be remarkable on it’s effects with these children. Having treated hundreds of children at their clinic there is well-documented evidence of Bowen’s positive effects for these conditions. Howard and Helen have taught this technique to many Bowen practitioners who have gone on to run their own clinics for these children with special needs.

Although most of their research is with children, the technique is also beneficial to adults.

Benefits noted by parents at the Cardiff clinic

* Clumsiness – improved balance/co-ordination
* Spine straightening, often dramatic
* Improved motor control e.g. holding up head more; starting to roll over; grasping things
* Constipation/nutritional body development
* Vocalization/verbalization
* Limb aches and pains reduced
* Concentration/attention improves at home and school. Greater comprehension
* Behavioural improvements – Timidity and aversion to school/shops etc. lessened. Can make friends easier
* Less frustrated, calmer, quieter – happier child
* Sleep patterns improved
* Chewing/sucking stronger
* Plus the usual benefits of Bowen
* Aversity to lying on back or front quickly reversed

How is the Fascial Bowen Technique achieving these results?

The theory is that the sensory stimulation may be helping and accelerating the  ‘re-wiring’  in the brain to compensate for damaged areas. By working with the dermatomes of the body and using a feather light touch Howard’s fascial Bowen moves seem to be helping the sensory awareness of these children.

I recently undertook training with Howard and Helen and am amazed at the effectiveness of this inspiring work, not only for cerebral palsy.  I am using it with great success for people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and ME also. Please go to to view a more detailed post on this important work.

You can reach me, Jackie O’Neal BTAA at Tel: 0750 302 7773

Bra’s, Breast Cancer and Bowen Therapy

The Moon Walk for Breast Cancer awareness is Saturday May 16th in London and the women will all be wearing pink bras. The group energy will be electrifying I am sure and there probably are not words to express the empowerment these women will feel. The reason for this article though, is to bring awareness to the research that bras may actually contribute to, or even cause, breast cancer.  First let me point out that we are multi- faceted beings and that there are many things that contribute to any state of dis-ease. It is once this state is entered that we then need to make choices that contribute to restoring balance and harmony in the body. Continue reading

Bowen Technique and the Importance of Water

leszek080100030-waterfallPlasma, the straw coloured liquid that is found in blood and lymph constitutes for about 55% of blood and is 90% water. It is key in the movement of water between blood and body tissue.

If water becomes still, stops flowing, it stagnates, attracts decay and disease just as a pond or river does. The water and fluids in our body are also, or should be, in constant motion.

Our life, as a foetus, begins in a warm sac, in water in the womb that is constantly being nourished via the umbilical cord. When we become dehydrated our whole body is affected on all levels.

Continue reading