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Law of Attraction or Consciously Choosing Our Reality…

Are We the Creators of Our Reality?

Greg Braden talks about how it is our thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs that influence the fields that sustain life on this Planet. Everyone is linked to the field but not everyone has to be consciously aware of that connection in order to benefit from what only a few come to understand…

Law of Attraction or Consciously Choosing?

We must become in our lives the very thing we choose to experience in our World…

Bruce Lipton – We Are the Change…

Be the Change Not the Effect…

…”Do not be taken in by the stories, do not buy into the threats of our existence…we are creating these lies. If you buy other people’s creations then you manifest what they are creating. If you want what you want then you have to not get engaged. Then the more conscious you become, the less you are affected by the outside fields. So this rise in consciousness that we are seeing is the rise in evolution of humanity to rise above the noise of the background and recognize that you are the creator… If you can create a honeymoon for yourself when you are in love, and everyone started to create a honeymoon for themselves then all of a sudden the concept of war and violence would disappear…If everyone is excited by being here then the competition and violence that we live by because of people’s beliefs disappear. ”      Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton – The Power of Consciousness

Master of your genes or victim of your genes?…

Bruce Lipton talks about how genes respond to the environment and how that response changes the fate of our cells. Changing our perception of how we view the world, changes not only our internal biology and genetic behaviour but it controls how we create the world around us.

Dr David Hamilton – Organic Chemist to International Author and Teacher on the Power of the Mind

The Mind Used in Healing Became More Interesting Than Making the Drugs to Heal Disease

In 1999 David Hamilton resigned as a chemist of cardiovascular drugs when he noticed that there was a high placebo (fake drug) effect positively affecting patients. He could not let this knowledge go and became more interested in studying the power of the mind over the making of the drugs to treat patients.

He left the pharmaceutical industry and returned to Scotland as a motivational speaker.

David currently gives talks and runs workshops in the UK and around the world.
Listen to the following recent interview with David by Lilou Mace where he explains his findings.

In 1992, David gained a first class honours degree in chemistry from the University of Strathclyde, specialising in biological and medicinal chemistry. He gained a PhD in organic chemistry in 1995 from the same University.

From 1995 until 1998 he worked as a scientist in one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies near Manchester in the UK. From 1998-1999 he worked as a change agent for the same company.

In 2005, he self-published his first book, It’s the Thought That Counts, which was published by Hay House in 2006. In 2007, Hay House published his second book, Destiny vs Free Will, and his third book, How Your Mind Can heal Your Body, was published by Hay House on 27th November 2008. It’s the Thought that Counts was released by Hay House in the USA on 1st February 2009.