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Taboo: Talking About Death

From Paul Hughes-Barlow’s Supertarot Blog

Paul Hughes-Barlow is a highly respected member of the UK Tarot Community.

Now there is a lot of controversy surrounding Tarot, Astrology, etc and it’s purpose and usefullness in our lives. Like all things in life there are so many nuances to things. There are ‘good and bad’ Tarot Readers, just as there are ‘good and bad’ people working in the holistic health field or doctors or dentists or car mechanics for example…and a lot depends on what it is you are looking for in a reading.

Easing a person’s beliefs around death

In Paul’s most recent blog post he realizes he needs to talk about death to his 70+ year old client who is concerned with the health of her 40 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

I do not profess to know much about the cards but read and used by a gifted reader it is uncanilly amazing the information that can be gleaned from them.

Before the reading began Paul, who is clairvoyant, became aware that he needed to talk to his client about death. He then proceeded to read the cards but could find nothing imminent suggesting death in the immediate future. What he did get, however, was an expectation on behalf of his client of  ‘expecting the worst’ for her daughter.

Do Our Thoughts Create Our reality?

This is very insightful and of great interest to me as my own experience and work has led me into this arena. When someone is  given a ‘diagnosis’ it invariably has the effect of instilling fear and the worst of what may happen into the recipient and loved ones of the receiver of such news. This can have two possible effects. One, the absolute belief that the ‘symptoms’ are real and true and the projected outcome the only reality possible to the person ‘diagnosed’ . And two, the recipient of such news looks at the different probabilities and possibilities that are available to making the projected outcome not part of their reality i.e to look at how to change the projected future.

So whether you are a Tarot Reader, Health Practitioner or so importantly the friend, loved one, or close relative or companion of the recipient of suspected ‘bad news’, please be mindful of how your own projections, belief systems and thought patterns may be affecting those around you. In my work I tend to look at ‘imbalances’, for want of a better word, as ‘patterns’ rather than ‘symptoms’. And patterns can be changed. There is a tremendous amount of research available regarding gene expression and our belief systems which is showing that it is not our genes that determine our proclivity to certain diseases, but our thought patterns instead. (Bruce Lipton PHD)

Jackie O’Neal BTAA

Access ‘Bars’ Facilitator

A Journey to a Higher State of Consciousness Through a Tarot Reading

Using Tarot For Healing

Beyond The Celtic Cross Spread

Paul Hughes-Barlow
and Catherine Chapman

ISBN 9781904658344

Price £12.99
Finally the long awaited book about one woman’s real life tarot reading which culminated in a journey through a shift in consciousness.

Tarot Used For Healing – Not Fortune Telling

Paul Hughes-Barlow has been trying to change the face of Tarot for many years. His method and passion is to empower his clients to see new possibilities for moving ahead in life. People often visit a Tarot reader in the hopes of being told their future and believing that that  future is written in stone. There are many different Tarot decks to choose from and Paul’s personal choice is the Thoth Tarot Deck by Aleister Crowley and illustrated by Freida Harris. The symbology is rich and even though two clients could sit down with the same tarot spread in front of them the reading would not be the same. How could this be, you might ask? We are all at various stages of consciousness and these variations are what dictate the way a spread would be read. It is the skill of the reader to be able to judge just where his querant is on this life path that determines the way the reader will guide his client.

Beyond the Celtic Cross is a beautiful example of one woman’s journey through her own stages of consciousness. Catherine, already a tarot reader, approached Paul with a question concerning her own life. It is a journey of self discovery which took Catherine into a whole new Continue reading

Introduction to Tarot and Palmistry by Paul Hughes-Barlow

Paul Explains How He Was Tricked Into Becoming a Palmist and Tarot Reader

A brief explaination by leading Tarot Reader Paul Hughes-Barlow at the Gossip Girls Network Meeting in Camden, North London, into how he was tricked by his teacher Punditt Maharaj into his profession.

Paul uses Tarot for Healing not Fortune Telling. He is way ahead in his field of study using insights into his clients state of consciousness to assit them in advancing along their own spiritual path in the time and way that is right for them. His aim is to empower his clients to make wiser decisons for themselves. To trust their own inner guidence which is innate to us all. For so many of us it is this intelligence that continually beckons to us yet we are so often afraid to listen.

Based in Brighton for over 25 years you can find him under Brighton Pier, 260 Kings Arches, Saturday through Tuesday and for 3 weeks out of the month on Wednesday at Noon through Friday evening at the Butterfly Tarot, Camden Lock Hall Market, Camden, North London.

Your time with Paul will be a transformational experience.

You can contact Paul at 0791 863 7940

Tarot for Healing

Using Tarot as a Vehicle for Healing and Change

It is time to introduce an interesting concept to the world of Healing and one that may not ordinarily be thought of as a vehicle for this topic.

I could write my own account of why I think the three Tarot readers I am going to introduce to you should be included on this site, as a site dedicated to the investigation of the wellbeing of the human organism, but I could not introduce or explain it any better than the article written by Paul Hughes-Barlow below.  Paul has been a tarot reader for more than 25 years. His scope of knowledge will astound the interested reader as he bares the past 25 years of his own process under the guidence of his teacher Pundit Marharaj. Pundit has gone into Silence now but Paul continues his lineage and now mentors himself.

The reputation of Tarot, for many, is one of a mysterious person sitting in a darked room, gazing into a crystal ball and holding the querant on the edge of his or her stool as the cards are slowly turned over revealing the querants fate.

This could not be further from the truth of a good Tarot reader in this new age of self empowerment. Paul’s goal is to bring the Tarot out of the dark Victorian Age into the light of the 21st Century. Continue reading