Host a Bars Demo

Host Your Own Free Bars
Demo Event

In your home, at your yoga studio,   chiropractic office, Wellness Center, (basically anyone interested) Bars is a process to facilitate everyone in clearing the energetic and mental blocks that keep us from receiving all the infinite possibilities available to us.

What is Bars:

Bars are the foundation of Access Consciousness.

This will be a fun evening of following the energy. Somebody out of the group that is willing to have their bars run will be picked out and will receive the Bars with an explanation of the process.

The Bars assists with:

Stress Reduction/ Clearing Mind Chatter Sleeping Aid Pregnancy Relaxation For ADD & ADHD For Children Before Tests/Exams Life and Living and so much more…

What Is Required Of You?

Invite 5 – 10 like minded people who are open to something different.

One person will be picked from the group to receive the Bars whilst the process is demonstrated and explained.

The Benefits To You Are:-

  • For being the host of a Bars Demo you will receive a free 1 on 1 session.
  • Friends and colleagues who will be in total gratitude to you for giving them a fabulous tool for change.
  • Oh yeah…it’s fun too!

Contact:- Jackie O’Neal
USA (954) 682-1645
UK 0750 302 7773


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