Metamorphosis heals at the most primary level, that of the principle of life within us.
Metamorphosis does not “cure”; it enables us to create a different attitude towards life,
and it is this, which alters our troubles, we cease to create illness.”    Robert St John

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  • Metamorphosis is a non-verbal gentle approach to letting go of unconscious tension that stands in the way of living the life you desire!
  • Using awareness with gentle touch to create healthier relationships and greater well-being.
  • A session is done fully clothed.
  • Using gentle touch, we work on the reflex points on the bony structure of the feet, hands, head and sometimes the spine itself.
  • Children seem to respond quite quickly. Is it because their unconscious patterns are not so deeply ingrained?
  • Favourable to people who are in prominent social positions and those who do not like to talk about their perceived  ‘problems’. Men seem to be drawn to the theme of this work for it’s simplicity and allowing nature.

 Unconscious tension is what creates mental, emotional, physical and behavioural disturbances.

      Metamorphosis trusts the innate intelligence of the recipient to let go of unconscious tension.   

The theme of Metamorphosis eases patterns of tension that arrive at conception that create conflict, disease and disharmony in our lives and in our collective experience. As these patterns let go we experience greater awareness, better health, genuine relationships and less conflict in life. As we change, the world around us changes.

Metamorphosis does not actually aim to heal, for that is a symptomatic approach. The intent is to ease unconscious tension and thus CEASE TO CREATE illness…(For those in the healing arts, this is a vital shift in thinking to work with Metamorphosis). The beauty of this is that you do not need to focus on your problems. This encourages you to focus on what you love in life.

Jackie can be contacted for talks, classes and sessions at:-
Mobile:-  UK (+1144) 0750 302 7773
USA (954) 682-1645 Cindy Silverlocks Website. Cindy studied with Robert in his later years up to the time of his death.

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