Stephen Wiltshire’s Beautiful Mind

Autism – An Ability or a Disability

What is the Autistic Spectrum?  What is this label that has been so freely used in the past to describe people who are ‘different’ to the ‘normal’ and ‘average’ human being. It appears to be a vast spectrum filled with people with varying gifts, talents and abilities.

Is the Planet, is Consciousness requiring these special talents and abilities at this time? As our world seems to be becoming more complex is there a requirement for some of the special skills people labeled as autistic possess?


One thought on “Stephen Wiltshire’s Beautiful Mind

  1. The Aggregate Post

    Those with any mental health illness,diagnosed, eccentric and unique; all have something equally unique to offer this world of ours. Everyone requires different kinds of support in order to flourish. Labels are so that the labelling world can place us in a system or a register so that we can be processed. But that’s just our physical body. Our soul cannot be labelled or processed. And so in accepting the limits of our labelling world and environment we explore the limitless world existing within and that which we can offer creating ripples to wave spirit over this world.

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