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Law of Attraction or Consciously Choosing Our Reality…

Are We the Creators of Our Reality?

Greg Braden talks about how it is our thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs that influence the fields that sustain life on this Planet. Everyone is linked to the field but not everyone has to be consciously aware of that connection in order to benefit from what only a few come to understand…

Law of Attraction or Consciously Choosing?

We must become in our lives the very thing we choose to experience in our World…

Bruce Lipton – We Are the Change…

Be the Change Not the Effect…

…”Do not be taken in by the stories, do not buy into the threats of our existence…we are creating these lies. If you buy other people’s creations then you manifest what they are creating. If you want what you want then you have to not get engaged. Then the more conscious you become, the less you are affected by the outside fields. So this rise in consciousness that we are seeing is the rise in evolution of humanity to rise above the noise of the background and recognize that you are the creator… If you can create a honeymoon for yourself when you are in love, and everyone started to create a honeymoon for themselves then all of a sudden the concept of war and violence would disappear…If everyone is excited by being here then the competition and violence that we live by because of people’s beliefs disappear. ”      Bruce Lipton

Shannon O’Hara Talks About Entities

Talk To The Entities

Shannon O’Hara has been perceiving entities since birth. In her first book she is casually demystifying the world of spirits, entities, ghosts, channels and the world of a little girl who just doesn’t fit in.
From Chapter One – Children Hold the Keys
“You know those babies who are always staring at what looks like nothing and pointing at what looks like nothing? I was one of those.

My Mom used to say when I was a little thing I would lie in my crib on my back giggling and cooing in my baby language, reaching out with my hands to something she couldn’t see. I would stare at the space around people’s heads so intently that it made them wonder if there was something next to them or behind them, they would look to see and to them there was nothing there. There was to me, I was looking at the entities and energy fields around them.”…

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Access Consciousness – Health Expo, Florida

Access Consciousness

What are the possibilities for more choice in your life?

What if everything you believed to be true…wasn’t.

What if most of everything you were taught throughout your life was nothing more than some else’s belief system.

What if the pains you feel in your body are being held in place by the structure of your thoughts…

What would it feel like to be in communion with life instead of separate from it.

I will be assisting Julie Tuton at the Health Expo in Melbourne, Florida this Sat May 1st from 10am-5pm. Stop by and say hello and have your ‘Bars’ run.

Julie will be teaching the introductory Access the ‘Bars’ class on Sunday in Fort Lauderdale. Dependant on the weather the class may even take place on the beach…How does it get better than that.

Access Consciousness gives you the tools to transform these beliefs into something that works for you, instead of against you.

What if we are here to enjoy life not suffer through it.

New Year, New Day, New Eyes

Happy 2010

I went to bed last night just before midnight. Not because I was involved with New Years festivities, but battling the computer instead, it was just another night. I did however have the thought that I might get up to see the sunrise, something I had done for a number of years whilst living in Florida.

I woke at some point during the night and was not especially keen to get up and check the time and get off to the beach. If it was almost sunrise then I would miss it. The motivation was not particularly there.

The Land of Dreams

I must have drifted off into that inbetween state, for I was immersed in a dream. I was in the dining room of the house I grew up in during my teenage years. There was a young man who I recognized as being a customer of mine at a pub I used to work in South Florida. I didn’t know him particularly well or socialize with him…but there he was.

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